Full Bio

Finding comfort in performing under many different names , C. Gibbs ( aka Lucinda Black Bear,  He Arrived By Helicopter, Motherwell Johnston, Christian Gibbs) is the primary nom de plum Gibbs returns to for releasing and performing the bulk of his creative output.

His most recent album Tales From The Terramar is an album title prompted by a move back West to California from NYC. Much of the record was written in NY with the exception of the title track which enlisted The White Buffalo’s Christopher Hoffee (bass / engineer) and Matt Lynott (drums).

Gibbs past musical credits have seen him experimenting with more instrumental textures, open tunings, synthesizers and found sound with He Arrived By Helicopter , He also fronted the band Lucinda Black Bear which has garnered accolades for their album “ ‘Capo My Heart’ and other Bear Songs” on NPR, Paste, and WFUV. Gibbs performed in The Broadway Rock Musical Passing Strange and the movie directed by Spike Lee of the same name. Before he was of drinking age the songwriter  also had a brief stint as a lead guitarist for a “one hit wonder” 4AD English band while living in London. After an US tour and being refused admission back in the UK he moved to NYC where he started the seminal post punk rock trio Morning Glories. Gibbs then signed to Atlantic Records as The C. Gibbs Group but kept releasing albums post Atlantic on other labels eventually starting his own Eastern Spurs Recordings which he runs to this day.

Gibbs in addition to music has dabbled as an actor  He has performed at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in The Family Album (written by Stew and Heidi Rodewald). He also performed monologues and did improvised dance and music in the Swiss Produced Love and Happiness (Gessnerrallee Theater/ Zurich, Kaserne Theater, Basel, Arsenic Theater, Lausanne) conceived by Phil Hayes and Christophe Jacquet. Gibbs played guitar and contributed vocals to The Good Swimmer an opera at BAM (composed by Heidi Rodewald, libretto by Donna Di Novelli, dir. Kevin Newbury)  as part of the Next Wave festival in NYC.