Sleep the Machines

This is an intimate acoustic album with vocals and guitar recorded live. Once the live takes were solid other flourishes were added such as the occasional second guitar, standup bass (Catherine Popper), Cello and Strings (Chad Hammer, Elena Park Moon), and some pedal steel (Jon Graboff). Producer Andrew Hollander also contributed an array of keyboards such as Fun Machine, Casio, Piano, Wurlitzer. Overdubs , however are sparse and minimal. Percussion (Tim Kuhl) was added on only two of the 14 tracks. Recorded at Sugarbox Studios, NYC
Produced by Andrew Hollander for GoodpennyAll songs written by Christian Gibbs
Produced by Andrew Hollander
Mixed by Lawrence Manchester
sleepthemachines1 12 inch black vinyl. 180 grams. 10 songs total. Includes bonus track.


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