C. GIBBS Sings Motherwell Johnston

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“C. Gibbs sings Motherwell Johnston” was recorded over a span of two years in NYC. This album chronicles the fictitious Motherwell Johnston- an alias Gibbs began using to try new songs live without having any expectations from those who might be familiar with his past work (Lucinda Black Bear, C. Gibbs, Morning Glories). Having remained amazingy obscure throughout most of his career, the alias was probably not necessary but what began as a quirky experiment soon gave birth to some infectious powerful songs brought to life with the rock swagger of a new band including Tim Kuhl (Goaast)- Drums, Matt Brandau (Old Ceremony)- Bass, and Phil Sterk (Alana Amram ) –Pedal Steel. Gibbs even went as far as changing his personal appearance live: long hair topped with an arctic faux fur hat and a rust colored suit, donning some thick backwoods fly fisherman protective sunglasses. He would claim to be from Darby , Montana and berate the audience like a cranky reluctant hermetic frontman. Sometimes he still does shows as Motherwell Johnston but says, “”I’m inherently lazy and spending hours in front of my laptop creating more facebook, bandcamp, and soundcloud accounts for yet another band name is something that deterred me.  I’d rather be writing and recording music than messing with that.” Hence the album is being released as C. Gibbs Sings Motherwell Johnston. A script was later written by playwright and director Andi Stover who was inspired by the album , concept and live performance . Gibbs happened to be working as an actor/musician/ performer at Oregon Shakespeare Festival when they submitted it to the Black Lab project and did a reading of the play with Gibbs performing all the music and text as Motherwell. A musical in Zurich and NYC is planned for 2017.

Produced by C. Gibbs
Recorded , Engineered , and Mixed by Ken Rich
C. Gibbs – Guitars, Vocals, Piano, Hammond B3, Keys, Other stuff, Bass (Vegan Feast)
Tim Kuhl- Drums, Percussion
Matt Brandau- Bass
Phil Sterk- Pedal Steel, Marimbas
Guest Musicians:
Rick Parker- Trombone
Ryan Smith- Sax
Geoff Countryman- Sax
Matsuya Tanaka- Trumpet
Ken Rich- Percussion, Shaker, Tambourine