harp1 Jan/Feb 2003, Volume 3, #7

This third somewhat solo set from erstwhile Morning Glories leader Gibbs (the C is for Christian) betrays a panorama of influences and incidental-accidental sonic similarities. As a songwriter, Gibbs nods to Neil Young’s slowest waltzy stuff (“Killing Snakes,” “Straps and Chains,” “Winchester Chimes”), early-to late-period Tom Waits (late, chiefly, on “Tall Shoe Marie”), even a lotta the Ass Ponys’ weirdness and eclecticism (the dark insanity of “Oversized Pin Cushion,” “Alone With The Horse”). As a vocalist, he’s strikingly similar to Young and Ass Pony Chuck Cleaver. As a result, Gibbs’ talent, which really is profound, is blurred. Not his fault, but a fact nonetheless.