CMJ, March 10, 1997

C. Gibbs Review Sincerity’s Ground
Earth, c/o Cargo, 4901-906 Morena Blvd., San Diego, CA 92117-3423 619-483-9292

While punk and country couldn’t be farther from each other aurally, there is certainly a direct link between the two genres. Many musicians leap from one to the other, and C. Gibbs is the latest to cross the bridge from aggressive rock ‘n’ roll to a slower acoustic realm. Gibbs, who also fronts the New York-based trio the Morning Glories, strikes out on his own for the first time with Sincerety’s Ground. Though there are hints of hardcore country in Sincerety’s Ground, the more obvious reference points are other like-minded musicians who have straddled the two genres, such as Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Mark Lanegan and Mike Johnson. Gibbs’ songs aren’t haunted by the dark presence that spooks many country-tinged rock songs; even his songs about death sound upbeat and nonchalant. His deep, dark baritone, however, evokes a slightly sinister mood and proves to be a highligh of this otherwise buoyant album. Take a walk around the Ground listening to “Shadow,” “Down On Rivington,” and the title track.

-Dawn Sutter